Millwood Of McLean 

A Leading Homeowners Association

Mclean VA

Millwood Board Of Directors

                                        Russ Bantham, President                                                              

                                        Dale Stein, Vice President                                                                               

                                        Subhash Garg, Treasurer                                                                                  

                                        Dennis Robinson, Secretary                                                                                                                                  


Yvonne Chen


                        Kathleen Manning                         


                 Charlie Lindsey                  






Architectural Review: 

Yvonne Chen (Chairperson), Jenny Saad, Christine Mather, Dawn Mostaan, Eileen Harten, Alan Zuccari


Webmaster: Rohin Dua                   MillWoodHOA22102@Gmail.Com


Architectural Control

Millwood Architectural Control Committee

Bulletin 1.1

Membership & Mission




The current ACC members appointed by the Millwood Homeowners Association Board of Directors are: 


        Yvonne Chen, Chair

         Jenny Saad

         Eileen Harten

        Christine Mather

        Alan Zuccari

         Dawn Mostaan 




The ACC is charged with the responsibility to uphold appropriate building and maintenance standards that will add to and maintain the desirability of our neighborhood on the whole.




Link to download page  for:

 ACC Application, covenants and other documents  .


MillWood Security Report  

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Community Documents

Millwood Articles of Incorporation

.pdf file of Millwood Articles of Incorporation

Millwood Covenants
.pdf file of covenants 

Millwood Bylaws
.pdf file of Millwood By Laws

Architectural Control Bulletin 1.1
.pdf of Statement of Millwood Membership and Mission

Architectural Control Bulletin 2.1
.pdf file of restrictive covenants summary

Architectural Control Bulletin 3.2

.pdf of Application for MACC Proposed Change Review

Architectural Control Bulletin 4.1
.pdf file of Roof Replacement requirements

Architectural Control Bulletin 5.1
.pdf file of Required Fencing Standards 

Statement Income & Expenses

Cumulative 2009-2018 

Ombudsman Regulations

Archichtectural Review Application

Cumulative Account Statement 2013

Treasurer Report 2014